Hybrid fiction, 70 mins


Anime galleggianti is a magical journey through the atemporal land of Sardinia inspired by Ovid’s Metamorphoses, mixing classical mythology with contemporary themes, literary tradition with local rituals, and documentary methods with fantasy.

This cinematic voyage reimagines the passionate stories of Ovid’s most intriguing characters, including Persephone, Arachne, Orpheus, Callisto, Europa, and Daphne, whose intertwined destinies culminate during carnival rites evoking fertility, life and death. Just as Ovid’s souls wander from body to body, transforming themselves without boundaries between species, the film wanders from character to character, from place to place, tied together by the narration of the philosopher Pythagoras.


A hybrid experiment between reality and imagination, this way of storytelling is also an exploration of a culture, in close collaboration with local farmers, artisans and creators to engage with the traditions they perpetuate.

Anime galleggianti likewise aims to reconnect with the land, participate in ancient rituals, and explore a spirituality with Mother Nature. Embracing a poetic, post-humanist, and non-anthropocentric vision of cinema that places the natural world in the foreground, filming animals and plants as protagonists in their own right with equal agency. The film strives to make visible the invisible and to reveal the spirit and essence of things through the idea of the soul as described by Ovid’s Pythagoras.


Completion date: May 2023

Project status: post-production

Looking for: financing, co-productions, post-production collaborators, distribution

Participated in: Itineranze Doc, This Is It When East Meets West Coproduction Forum

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