Fiction, 16 mins

This short film recounts local history from the point of view of a 400-year-old tree overlooking the hills of Scandiano in Northern Italy.

We witness the tree’s memories from the Renaissance to the present day — including depictions of agricultural traditions, the impact of war, and the contemporary ecological crisis — as she tries to make sense of the human race.

In addition to the songs accompanying the action, the soundtrack features the tree’s own musical voice thanks to a recording of her electromagnetic frequencies, further conveying a non-anthropocentric perspective.

Director’s statement:

This 16-minute short film was shot with a drone in one continuous take, with over fifty local collaborators participating as actors, musicians, singers, and technicians. 
By focusing on the subjectivity of a tree, the film acts as a hymn to Nature, celebrates the local landscape, and encourages an ecological awareness. 
Filmed during the summer of 2020, we felt the overwhelming importance of community and working together all the more. 


  • Directed by Maria Giménez Cavallo 
  • Cinematography by Simone Bergamini 
  • Sound by Beppe Dallari 
  • Color by Andrea Maguolo
  • Produced by Rina Mareggini & Massimo Frignani
  • Coordinated by Franca Iotti
  • Costumes by Tina Cucci
  • Assistant directed by Mirco Branca
  • Choreographed by Fabio Giacopini
  • Special effects by Alessio Franco
  • Assistant editing by Chichi Taddeuci
  • Sound editing & mixing by Julie Tribout at Obsidienne Studios
  • Additional sound editing by Rémi Durel at Obsidienne Studios
  • Backstage by Michele Sensi

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