Doc, 12 min

Between the equinox and the solstice, the shepherds prepare their sheep for the summer pastures by shearing their wool coats. At the farm “L’Agneau des garrigues” in Southern France, four-year-old Jeanne discovers and partakes in this yearly tradition. The village festivities announce spring’s arrival with a song on the boudègue as the community celebrates together. 

This short documentary shows a day on a traditional sheep farm, exploring the relationship between humans and nature. Children and animals play alongside one another while the shepherds attend to their flocks, all in perfect harmony. 



  • Directed by Maria Giménez Cavallo
  • Cinematography by Jérémie Attard & Jeremy Renault 
  • Set design by Audrey Clavier & Jean-Paul Bessiere
  • Sound by Charlotte Comte 
  • Assistant editing by Joël Li
  • Music recorded by Philippe Carcassés
  • Original music composed by Juliette Jouan

Presented at the following film festivals:

  • Ferrara Film Corto Festival, Italy
  • Festival de Film des Jeunes à Lyon 
  • Independent Film Awards Bristol, UK
  • Festival International du Films de Bretagne, France
  • Festival Angaelica, USA
  • Festival Pastoralismes et Grands Espaces, France
  • Festival em Balneário Camboriú, Brazil
  • Ridgway Independent Film Fest, USA
  • Corto Week End Film Festival, Italy
  • Roma Cinema DOC Roma, Italy
  • Aurora Cine Inverno Film Festival
  • Italy CortOglobo Film Festival COFFI, Italy
  • Meihodo International Youth Visual Media, Japan
  • Med–Limes ai Confini del Mediterraneo, Italy
  • Festival de Aguilar de Campoo, Spain
  • Burien Film Festival, USA 
  • International Moving Film Festival, Iran


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